Lazy Jacks

A ‘Lazy Jack’ is a simple way to control a mainsail when raising or lowering. A lazy jack consists of a rope “cradle” that effectively stops the mainsail from billowing all over the deck. This can then be lowered and either removed or lashed to the base of the mast to keep it out of the way until it is needed.

A particularly user-friendly version incorporates a sail cover that allows the mainsail to be lowered straight down and the bag zipped up with minimal or no requirement to flake out the sail. This system is sometimes referred to as a ‘Lazy Bag’. (Whilst it is not an uncommon sight to see yachts racing with a ‘lazy bag’ in place above the boom, held up by the lazy jack lines, it is well worth lowering the lazy jack so that the sail cover may be lashed to the boom below the foot of the mainsail. This prevents additional leeway and a reduction in the power being provided by the sail.)

Ocean Rigging can make up a lazy jack system and install it along with any additional fittings or hardware required.                                                                                


A typical lazy jack system