Parachute Anchor Systems

Parachute anchors are deployed off the bow of a vessel in order to ride out severe storms. They achieve this by keeping the vessel’s bow pointing into the on-coming seas, and they may also be used by a disabled vessel to minimise drift.

The selection and set up of the parachute anchor line is critical to achieve the required strength and elasticity to reduce the high loads placed on both the vessel and the system. The line needs to be significantly longer than that used for a drogue. Using a diameter that is too thick will not stretch enough, too thin and the possibility of the line breaking is very real.

Chafing of the line is a significant problem and the best systems incorporate a short length of chain to move the line completely off the boat. The line must be joined by splicing as any knots will lower the breaking strengths to an unacceptable degree; the system will not survive any weak links.

Ocean Rigging can advise, supply and assemble the parachute anchor and line to the recommended specifications (including the splicing, thimbles, chain and line). It may be necessary to reinforce the attachment points as the bow mooring cleats on many vessels are not able to withstand the high loads involved with deploying a parachute anchor.