Sometimes a product comes along and you think “where have you been all my life!” In our case it was solving a problem of mounting a large navpod at the helm. The rail was a larger diameter than usual (38mm) and we wanted something strong and UV resistant, quick release if possible. We tried Railblaza and not only was it the perfect solution; it opened up a whole new world of mounting accessories & equipment all around the boat. 

Made in New Zealand of high quality UV resistant nylon, you can adapt Railblaza to mount or keep almost anything anywhere on your boat! We use it for the navpod, deck safety knife, handheld VHF, handheld compass, handheld GPS, laptop, TV, drink holder (mounted to the rail or even on top of the winches!). The possibilities are pretty much endless. To say we are big fans of this product is an understatement! 
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